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That morning’s ice, no more than a brittle film, had cracked and was now floating in segments. Spring was coming. She could feel it in every fiber of her narrow body, even in the hollows where bone poked outwards. Her stomach had been rummaging all winter long, almost no wildlife had passed through the woodland where the house grew farther and farther into the rocks and trees surrounding it. If you didn’t know where it was, you’d never find it. You would have to stumble across it, almost like Hansel and Gretel in that horrid bedtime story nana used to tell in the early years. Everyone old enough knows witches do not exist; fear of wolves and bears were true fears, even for old people like fathers and uncles. Having a wolf pass through tonight would seem like a good deal, for the opportunity to cook stew on the stove to warm both body and soul, and maybe even the house.

All light was lowering on the horizon. Our world got covered with fiery red darkness while the ground remained steel blue and cold. The complexity of the contrasts was evidence enough that we were living in a place where the sun was silent.

(Henry Fuseli)
Jag blev taggad av en booktubeare (har även gjort en video). Reglerna är att du ska plocka upp en bok, kopiera första meningen och sedan skriva en 200 ord lång berättelse. As simple as that. Boken jag valde var The Death of the Heart av Elizabeth Bowen.
Jag taggar alla som är intresserade. Om du gör den, hör av dig så jag kan läsa!

Postat av: Emma

Verkar som en sjukt kul grej! Glad Påsk på dig! Kram

Svar: Det var superkul! Detsamma.

2014-04-19 @ 17:57:52
URL: http://www.baraholm.blogg.se
Postat av: Anna - Bokbabblaren

Du skriver så fint! :3

Svar: tack! :)

2014-04-22 @ 14:20:44
URL: http://bokbabblaren.blogspot.com

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