▲ Top Ten Tuesday: Saker som gör mitt läs/bloggliv enklare

Things that makes my life as a reader/book blogger easier / Saker som gör mitt läs/bloggliv enklare
  1. Well, books.
  2. Libraries!
  3. Goodreads, duh.
  4. Online book shops (Which do not help my economy though).
  5. Other book bloggers/tubers.
  6. Coffee.
  7. Cute and homy cafés (for filling up, both reading and coffee and food and conversations).
  8. Music (while writing).
  9. Ear plugs (while reading).
  10. I am getting myself a pair of glasses. So I guess those will be helpful. I can't read for too long nowadays, my eyes start to hurt. So glasses? Eh.
  11. PLUS: Google Calendar which I just started using. A very good thing, indeed. Love it!


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