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On Stage, Off Stage

arbetsprover, Steneby

Steven Meisel


Sustainable Fashion


What do you think about "sustainable fashion"/"eco-fashion"?

What do you think about when you buy new clothes?

Could you buy Second Hand clothes?

Do you ever think about ecological/organic and fair trade?


Vi har modevisning imorgon.
Lite nervöst, mycket förväntansfullt.

Saturday night at The Factory

That 60's party got way out of hand after just a few hours.
I don't think I have ever fallen so much, or had this many bruises before
and there was a lot of broken glass and spilled drinks,
but it was fun! What I can remember of it anyways.
(I made that blue stewardess dress on one day, with hotpants. Haha)

Social Siberia


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