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oh, mother

cropped knitted sweater long sleeve, with;
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Att skratta livet i vitögat

Other than that, not doing much.
Just congratulating everyone who got in to that school I wanted to go to.
I'm not jealous. I'm envious as hell. and angry with my self for not being better than I am.
Haha! It's funny how I laugh at it though. I'm 21 (on monday), there's still time for me, right?
But I don't want to wait! I want it all and I want it now.
Anyways, spending the summer trying to figure out who I am,
who I'll be next fall and who I'd like to be in the far away future.
Probably someone in über high platforms
and a band tee, puking at a rockshow,
thinking I miraculously discovered a time-machine and went back to the 70's.


wear socks, dammit!

Alexander Wang Resort 2011

This isn't new either. The socks-with-sandals thing. Just telling you guys I like it.

You know who she is

I'm sewing actually. I'll put up a picture as soon as I'm done.
It won't take too long, promise!

"Despicable Me"

the McQueen brand lives on

(pictures from www.vogue.co.uk)

I was quite shocked to see this Menswear show from Alexander McQueen among the shows from Fashion week Milan.
I guess I've been so hung up on him being dead (rest in peace), that I never thought anything would come out from his brand, ever again.
Lets hope Sarah Burton knows what she's doing. I think she's doing good so far.
I will have very high expectations though, McQueen was a genius.

From one thing to another..

Eco fashion:

Simon & Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water

made in downtown LA

(eco-chic the fashion paradox)


I love the semi-obscene look American Apparel has chosen for their advertising.
Not that this is news, only a statement from my side.
I'm reading this book about eco fashion and I was plesantly surprised to see
there was four pages on American Apparel in it. I didn't know much about the brand,
even though I've been fascinated and inspired by it a while now, much thanks to the photos.
The article talks about the fact that everything is done in downtown LA,
almost all the fabrics are made in the US and that the workers are paid doubble minimum wage
and has health benefits etc. which is great. I've always kind of thought being fairly fair in this industry
was sort of hopeless, but I guess not. Even if it's basic fashion.
Another very very cool thing is that the ones modelling for American Apparel,
are the workers from the factory themselves! I think I am going to apply for an internship.
(not to pose though.)

library treasure hunt

Dakota Fanning – California Paradise - Soundtrack Version



Quick sketch


Det gör så ont att jag inte befinner mig på frihamnen i Göteborg just nu
med världens bästa kompis. Så himla, himla, himla skit ont!
Som när man tappar den godaste delen av glassen på backen,
eller spiller ut sin drink över hela dansgolvet,
eller när man står så långt bak på en spelning att man knappt ser vilka som står på scen.

Så ont gör det
och jag har bara mig själv att skylla.
En jävla idiot är vad jag är. en idiot utan pengar.

Illustration: Andrea Wan

crayon drawing

Louis Armstrong – Summertime

another project

(inspiration found on google.)

När man andas endast för att man måste #2

bust in the door and take me away

less than three

Miu Miu S/S 2010

petite tattoos, inspiration


" If you want something in life, reach out and grab it "

what if I don't want it?

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