Inspiration #2


"Du kan allt du vill"


I suddenly feel like swimming.


man suit, bunny suit, whatever

(John Galliano Spring 2011 Menswear)


It's been seven years, tomorrow

It's been seven years since I saw you, since you belonged with me, since you were taken away from me.
It's been seven years since I lost you and I still can't talk about it without losing my breath or stutter on the words.

Seven years is a very long time. Almost two numbers now.
It's enough time for someones memories to fade, enough time for faces to blurr out and for feelings to disappear.
I can't remember when I last went to see you.
Actually sometimes, it feels like you never excisted,
like I've never had you at all. I was so young when you passed. I keep forgetting things.

Not too long ago, someone asked about you, what your name was.
I had to think it through before I could answere, which was a surprise.
That was probably worse than losing you - almost forgetting your name.

It's awfuly scary when you realize how little you remember of someone that was supposed to be so close to you.
It literally freaks me out that I don't remember too much of you - and it hurts.
Mainly because I was the oldest out of three. I was fourteen. They were twelve and seven.
If I have a hard time remembering, then what do they remember?

The weird thing is, that I remember a lot of things that happened around you
and a few things I'd rather not remember at all.
Like slaps in the face and that one time when you called me a whore. I think I was twelve.
Apparently you didn't like my makeup very much. I also remember everytime you grounded me
for things that I never did. I remember every apartment we've lived in and every street.
I remember that one time when I rode my new bike down the stairs in our building.
We lived at the top floor and you were yelling at me the whole walk up, until you heard the phone ring.
Of course you had to rush in and answere it
and of course I turned and took my bike down the stairs again.

I don't tell people I love them too easily, it's too big of a word for me.
I'd like to think that I loved you back then,
but I don't think I could say that I do anymore.
I've always said that you cannot love someone you don't know
and I don't feel like I know you
and I'm always gonna be sorry for never getting the chance to.

Simon & Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water
The Almost – Hand Grenade
Håkan Hellström – Hurricane Gilbert

video art

(via http://riotousparty.tumblr.com/)

josh beech

"Break the bread in 2, the bigger half was always for you"






miss GaGa


Mina designade sko på NELLY.COM

Hjälp mig att vinna, rösta på mina skor här!

rainy days = video games

nerd and proud

cute face

rawr !

I'd do her, no doubt.

boring mondays


Bowling For Soup – Girl All The Bad Guys Want - Kerrang Radio Session
Justin Bieber – One Time
N.E.R.D. – Provider
Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood
Lady Gaga – Telephone

Turn up that radio

"don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch, just smoke my cigarette and hush"


I'm not home.

saturday night

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